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FIREARM BILL OF SALE Buyer certifies that they are not restricted or forbidden by law to own a firearm and buyer states that he/she Print Form Has NEVER been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year. Is NOT a fugitive from justice. Is NOT an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance. Has NEVER been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution* Is NOT an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United...
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Who Needs Firearm Bill of Sale?

Lots of people who’d like to purchase a firearm face many legal issues and much paperwork. Though unlike federal laws, state laws are more specific the rules of buying a firearm are pretty similar. One of the obligatory documents that accompany firearm purchase is firearm bill of sale. It is used by the buyer and the seller of the firearm.

What Is Firearm Bill of Sale for?

Firearm bill of sale aims to transfer the ownership of the firearm to the buyer. This document also confirms that purchase is legal and a bu certified to own a firearm.

Is Firearm Bill of Sale accompanied by other forms?

Firearm bill of sale doesn’t require any additional documents. However, a seller must provide Federal Firearm License that allows them to legally sell firearm and ensures a buyer that they won’t have any troubles with the purchase.

When is Firearm Bill of Sale Due?

Firearm bill of sale comes with a firearm after the purchase is made. It has no termination date since it’s kept for the records as a proof of the firearm  purchase legal status.

How Do I Fill out Firearm Bill of Sale?

The form is rather self explanatory. It is only one page long. It starts with some statements that certify that a buyer has legal background to own a firearm. A buyer and a seller must enter their name, address and put a signature. Except buyer’s and seller’s identifying information, firearm bill of sale contains detailed description of the firearm including model, caliber and cost. Once all essential information is provided, the form is signed and dated.

Where Do I Send Firearm Bill of Sale?

A buyer must keep firearm bill of sale for the records to prove that the purchase was made legally from a certified seller.

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Instructions and Help about texas gun bill of sale form
What's up YouTube as being the 17 I just want to make a quick video about the processing and transferring of firearms whether it be pistols or rifles I think we should all make sure that we have a bill of sale because the fact matter is we don't know the people that we're selling selling them to even if we do whether it be your neighbor or family member it's always good to have a bill of sale just for your record and their record the bill of the cell consists of just you know information such as their name basically states that you sold them the firearm for this much money it will have the serial number caliber model and make they signed a full name and they sign our signature the buyer name address sale conditions buyer signature seller condition our seller signature and the sale date and then the seller filled out the same information basically just says buyer certifies that they are not restricted or forbidden by law to own firearm and buyer states that he or she and then it list has never been convicted of any court crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year it's not a fugitive from justice basically all the all the other bullshit you get from any other buying any other firearm for a Federal Firearms licensed dealer this is something to have for your record in the record like I said you don't know if who they are I mean you know surely you wouldn't sell it to some guy off the street do you have no recollection of but you know people will do crazy things and you know say some guy shoots somebody else with your gun they trace it the gun dealer he says I sold it to this guy and he has a record of it such as this he said I lie here I sold it to this guy for this much money this is where he lives so they come to you and if you don't have this you say well I sold it to a guy last week I'm not sure where he lives I don't know his number it's not going to work out for you very well but if you have this you say oh well I here's the guy signature his name this is where he lives his telephone number this is make model caliber serial number cost of everything that is sold them and right down here he's the sell conditions he signed it dated it this is when I sold the gun to him no I don't have it sir but this is where you can find the guy so it's always something you can have you should both usually have the form but if he don't want it you just make sure that you get a sign from him dated that way you have no liability of anything that happens to the gun after that also if you guys are wondering what which what kind of guns I got here it's a Razi 38 made by Taurus 38 special so it's pretty nice gun I love the grips on it double action double action single action mode get the five shots pretty nice gun nice and it's not light it's not heavy of course I like I kind of like a heavy gun that way if something goes wrong you just flip it over and pistol whip them on fire but it's pretty it's got a nice I'd say about four about five pound...